Rising Soundz - From Pain to Purpose [2017]


Rising Soundz - From Pain to Purpose [2017]


01. Worship with My Life [Feat. Sharon Lopez, Monica Hill Trejo & Gina Santiago]
02. He Died to Remove Your Sins [Feat. Bryann T]
03. Love Is [Feat. Henry Z]
04. Pain 2 Purpose [Feat. Bobby Phoenix & Jay Fa'real]
05. KMF Cypher [Feat. Bryann T, Antwoine Hill, D. Hix, Jay Fa'real, Santiago & Tailor Made]
06. Out the Way [Feat. Antowoine Hill & Triple Three]
07. Reckless Endangerment [Feat. Monica Hill Trejo]
08. Hurricane Harvey [Feat. Bryann T, Triple Three & Antwoine Hill]
09. My Halleluja [Feat. Sharon Lopez]
10. Tryin' to Make It [Feat. A-Ron & Triple Three]
11. All I Need [Feat. Triple Three]
12. Give It to You [Feat. Bryann T, D. Hix & John Jay]
13. We Do Not Look Like the World [Feat. Braynn T, Santiago, Antwoine Hill & Triple Three]
14. Up to the Sky [Feat. Noah J & Young Disciples]
15. Covered by the Blood [Feat. Tailor Made & Henry Z]
16. Worship You Through It [Feat. Nu-Tone & Nino Salas]
17. One Voice [Feat. Sharon Lopez & Tailor Made]
18. Rising Soundz [Feat. 5ive, Victorious & Jordan Lucio]


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