Evergreen Music - Lead Me To You [2017]

Evergreen Music - Lead Me To You [2017]


01. My Soul Sings [Feat. Zach Dietz]
02. A New Song [Feat. Lindsey Dail]
03. Waiting [Feat. Cole Bayer]
04. Hand of God [Feat. Zach Dietz]
05. Mercies New [Feat. Lindsey Dail]
06. Hosanna [Feat. Zach Dietz & Olivia Watkins]
07. Majestic Is Your Name [Feat. Sarah Hawley]
08. I Long for You [Feat. Lindsey Dail]
09. So We Sing (Heaven's Song) [Feat. Zach Dietz]
10. Lamb of God [Feat. Lindsey Dail]
11. Psalm 23 (I Need You Jesus) [Feat. Zach Dietz]



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