domingo, 25 de junio de 2017

Onething Live - All Cry Glory [Live] (Deluxe Edition) [2017]

Onething Live - All Cry Glory [Live] (Deluxe Edition) [2017]


1. No Other Name (Live)
2. Even When (Live)
3. You Came (Lazarus) [Live]
4. You Are the Greatest (Live)
5. Family [Spontaneous] (Feat. Laura Hackett Park) [Live]
6. Let My People Dance (Onething Version) [Live]
7. Convinced (Live)
8. Leaning (Live)
9. Out of Zion (Spontaneous) [Live]
10. You Are the Brightest (Feat. Laura Hackett Park & Brandon Hampton) [Live]
11. Surely (Live)
12. I Love the Way You Think [Spontaneous] (Feat. Katie Reed) [Live]
13. Here as in Heaven (Feat. Kyl Means) [Live]
14. Psalm 46 (Lord of Hosts) [Live]
15. Every Nation (Every Soul) [Live]
16. Worthy of It All (Live)
17. River in the Rock (Live)
18. Storm All Around You (Feat. Mike Bickle & Todd White) [Live]



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